Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do Over Novel- Heather McElhatton


Pretty Little Mistakes: A Do-Over Novel (A Do-Over Novel, 1): McElhatton,  Heather: 9780061133220: Books




“If you strap the mat to your naked body, go to section #36,

If yo don’t strap meat to your naked body, go to section #37”

150 possible endings make this novel an exciting form of multisequential fiction, however the content is quite problematic. The main character (reader) has to make choices which lead to different outcomes, but as I was reading the character kept making awful choices that I didn;’t get to choose between. For example she cheated on her boyfriend and joined a cult of which I had no say but led to her downfall. Almost all the choices you can make centered around who you are going to date or sleep with. Most all of the ending were unhappy including abortions and rape which made this not so fun of a read.


Heather McElhatton has three other published novels, one of which is another “do-over book”. All of her writing seems to include floozy characters and negative stereotypes. She isn't afraid to write a problematic piece of fiction.